Shiloh is a Toy standing 12 inches and weighing 10 pounds, with 2 browns. She is Clear for the HC, HSF4 (Herditary cararacts) and MDR1 (Multidrug resistance 1) and a carrier for PRCD ( Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration). To understand these genetics traits, you can go to to find out more inforamation.
Pruitt's Buddy Boy
Sire: Foreman's Cowboy
Pruitt's Red Mickee
Gravett's Mr.
Dam: Gravett's Tori
Gravett's Roxie
Sire: J Bar T Mighty Dallas
J Bar T Angel
Dam: Wild Gunslingin' Cowgirl
Cabalina'sGunslingin' Cowboy
Cabalina Wild Fire Sage
Ashland's Mighty Samson
Ch Ch Porter's Can't Top This
Ashland's Nikki
Chapman's Tux
Timberline Katie
Porter's Gunslingin' Cowboy
Cabalina's Nyx
Ch Int, Ch Saddleback Lewis' Our Blue Jake
Cabalina Rim Fire Sage
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